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7 rinawm
Thursday 17 May, 2012 14:51:25
wow.. this is gr8 staff again... one question...Filmfx(transition) plugins are really hard to find for windows... can we make that kind of transition using BCC sir?
6 James Anderson
Tuesday 10 April, 2012 12:59:21
yet again that was exactly what I needed. I just have to save up for this program. It looks very expensive.
5 Mortaza
Tuesday 03 April, 2012 11:41:39
Sir this is very exciting
4 Eran Stern
Sunday 25 March, 2012 15:25:12

The price for Boris RED is $995, you can find out more here

3 Luis Marrero
Sunday 25 March, 2012 12:48:06
The prise
2 Eran Stern
Wednesday 21 March, 2012 13:25:12

If by $$$ you meant "expensive" than I think it's worth the $995 price tag - Just look at what you're getting. For example: All BCC and FEC effects. It's still lower than other alternatives.

1 luis Marrero
Wednesday 21 March, 2012 13:07:32
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