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8 MrCead
Thursday 24 January, 2013 13:36:27
Very nice and easy to follow. You've explained everything nicely. Thank you for this tutorial!
7 Eran Stern
Thursday 15 March, 2012 08:34:54

Thanks Chris, I'm glad you enjoyed my training and thanks for your warm compliments. As for Part 2, I'll give a shout on my twitter account when it's ready

6 Chris
Thursday 15 March, 2012 02:51:38
Hi Eran, I have enjoyed the two disks you recently sold me. Has part 2 of this tutorial been released? Will it be shown here or on HF's website? As always, very good tutorial. Thank you for your kindness in sharing your knowledge with us. You are very entertaining, and a good teacher. Chris
5 Adrian A.
Saturday 10 March, 2012 22:33:08
Awesome tutorial man!, very helpful!!
4 Eran Stern
Wednesday 07 March, 2012 00:16:34

Thanks for your nice words Nancy, Chris and Ladozs

3 Nancy
Tuesday 06 March, 2012 23:53:33
Eran - love your tut! You're an excellent teacher. Nancy
2 Ladozs Kadullu
Monday 05 March, 2012 19:33:37
Hi Eran, once again a very cool and useful tutorial from you. It is always amazing to discover the stuff you are playing around with;often the little things you are presenting are of great value for further use! Greetings LK
1 Chris
Monday 05 March, 2012 18:34:23
Eran, you did a wonderful job of breaking this down Thanks! Chris
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