Breakout Coffee

Latest tutorial: Breakout Coffee

Take a break and learn some valuable tips! This entertaining, yet highly useful tutorial utilizes Photoshop's cloning tools and Mocha's tracking to clone out unwanted text, add green screen footage of people from and replace objects.

Duration: 35 Minutes
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6 7alma
Thursday 20 June, 2013 14:44:15
Thanks for all
5 gregory lewis
Thursday 14 February, 2013 04:02:37
Thanks for all your great tutorials!
4 Amin Esmaeli
Wednesday 25 April, 2012 08:23:03
3 Nick
Wednesday 29 February, 2012 17:47:15
Hallo Eran, great tutorial, many thanks! Iím a great fan of your work and have purchased a few of your products, they are all great. Now I have a question because Iím having a bit of trouble learning advanced usage of Mocha. My question is Ė why do you use corner pinning for the clean plate and transform data for the tag? would it be possible to use the transform data for both? or corner pin data for both? Can you give me some advice as to what the advantages are of the two different tracking Infoís from Mocha AE. Hope you can help, many thanks, Nick
2 ali atoui
Sunday 19 February, 2012 13:30:23
thank you
1 ali
Thursday 16 February, 2012 19:02:38


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