HDR Toning

Latest tutorial: HDR Toning

Learn to mimic the high dynamic range toning effect in Premiere Pro. Using a few special techniques and blending mode, you can affect and improve both nature landscape footage and portrait or people. Based on stock footage from Artbeats

Duration: 19 Minutes
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10 Eran Stern
Friday 13 May, 2016 09:12:32

Hi Ana, Yo can try to play with the blending mode options to see if this helps

9 Ana
Thursday 12 May, 2016 23:36:37
Hi Eran, What I can make with colors, when is too dark? I made all effect as you show, but picture is too black: http://prntscr.com/b3brx6 I change opacity to 16% of HDR-V3, but picture look with a little dust on the jacket: http://prntscr.com/b3btg3 How I can to make it better?
8 Alain Van Haecke
Thursday 20 June, 2013 06:03:21
Nice! Tested on adjustment layers too but the HDR effect is then a bit less saturated and contrasted. Resulting image is a bit more grainy too but not too much.
7 Silvia
Tuesday 13 November, 2012 21:54:24
thank you very much for this
6 Jc
Saturday 30 June, 2012 05:24:29
Wow just like High Pass Filter!! Nice one Eran.
5 Nice, nice, too nice
Tuesday 27 March, 2012 20:38:44
4 ali
Wednesday 08 February, 2012 12:41:21
very nice
3 reza
Wednesday 04 January, 2012 13:16:22
2 Willa G. Cartwright
Tuesday 03 January, 2012 22:14:25
Excellent, Eran, thank you very much - superb. Tips for Premier Pro much appreciated too.
1 tomaz
Tuesday 03 January, 2012 13:52:23
THX Eran, it a cool one!!!! All your tuts are great. Thx 4 sharing your knoledge..... Tomaž
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