The Caustics

Latest tutorial: The Caustics

Getting started with the Caustics effect, the water surface simulation effect created by After Effects pioneer Brian Maffitt. This effect is more than 10 years old yet it's still one of the most impressive displacement tools and can yield truly amazing results.

Duration: 20 Minutes
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3 d
Friday 17 January, 2014 06:26:51
Extremely well explained. I love tutorials that explain why I am pressing buttons, in addition to which buttons to press. Thank you!
2 Carl Needham
Tuesday 11 June, 2013 06:28:51
One of the best teaching techniques on any subject I have seen on the internet. Excellent thinking and execution. Nice style and manner!
1 fali
Wednesday 22 February, 2012 15:59:13
very amasing mr sterne
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