ShapeShifter AE

Latest tutorial: ShapeShifter AE

Embrace the power of Mettle ShapeShifter AE plug-in. Learn the basics and then create a sophisticated  promo based on displacement mapping techniques. Overcome the limitations of After Effects 3D space with few advanced compositing tricks.

Duration: 31 Minutes
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5 Atanas Kotzev
Saturday 05 November, 2011 17:04:43

Super Tutorial! Thanks Best Regards, atanas

4 janet
Friday 07 October, 2011 09:36:31
Obviously you're a fantastic teacher and a good-natured person... but I must remember to turn the volume down when I play your movie because I almost poop in my pants when the audio/sound effects start playing.. he he
3 Krishan indora
Tuesday 27 September, 2011 15:56:03
love u sir nice tutorial krishan indora (INDIA)
2 Yuval
Monday 26 September, 2011 22:29:33

Thank you this was a real treat! Can't wait to get tickets for Hotstop!

1 Alex
Monday 26 September, 2011 13:31:50
Thank you very much!
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