Rock the Street

Latest tutorial: Rock the Street

Distort footage to match a source with a fisheye lens. Create a title which appears to burst from an explosion, ending with the individuals letters burning out. With a few clips from Artbeats, your own music, and After Effects, you can make this cool sequence come to life.

Duration: 27 Minutes
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3 Zafar Sahel
Sunday 24 February, 2013 11:23:31
hi sir i have a question how i can download the Project file of your tutorials i can't see any Link (Bye the way ) it was awe
2 badhon
Friday 16 September, 2011 20:40:43
great work man. thnx for the tut
1 dreamer
Wednesday 14 September, 2011 07:35:08
hahaha... this is fun again... thanks Sir Eran...
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