The Best of Premiere Pro

The Best of Premiere Pro

Would you lke to take advantage of the advanced features of the leading Adobe non-linear editor?  Well, this is the place to explore them. Created for beginners as well as senior editors, you will find dozens of professional tips and tricks that will change your everyday work and general experience of this incredible software. Learn how to master Premiere Pro and squeeze more out of every function.

This 4-hour course is an in-depth exploration of Premiere Pro, from editing tricks, through graphic design, audio mixing, transitions & effects - an all encompassing training session that tells all!

Finally, before we part, we’ll look over additional software such as: Photoshop, After Effects, Soundbooth and Encore, which included with Production Premium suite. In this final chapter you will learn how to create stunning Blu-ray HD DVDs and Interactive content. This bonus chapter will reveal everything you need to know (the good, the bad, and the ugly) about the Dynamic Link feature.

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DVD samples

Transparent Video
Transparent Video

Dynamic Link
Dynamic Link

Sample clips are streamed at lower quality for demo purposes, DVD quality is at full screen and High Resolution

 Reviews & Quotes: 
"...Eran covered clearly some of the less understood aspects of the application such as using After Effects plugins in Premiere, Sync Lock toggle switches, and transparent video. He even pointed out a couple undocumented keyboard shortcuts along the way. Personally, I really appreciated the multicamera editing segment which contained an audio trick that easily saved me the cost of training on a recent project...."
Carl Larsen | tel•e•scope Media Group

"...Eran has chosen to focus on a few things that have been left relatively untouched by other offerings. Even in the case where he does cover subjects covered in other video training series, he does so in greater depth or with more attention to workflow gotchas—as in the nearly two hours that he spends on one end-to-end project using Dynamic Link in various ways..."
Todd Kopriva | Premiere Pro work area

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01 - Advanced Editing Tricks Manage complex sequences, remove gaps, create groups and label clips. Work with sync locked tracks and different types of markers.

02 – Multi-Cam Techniques Discover the power of the Multicam tool. Fix sync issues, perform real time editing from various angles, overcome the audio gotchas and add effects and transitions.

03 – Template Titles & Motion Blur 
Create a template title design for easy usage of the title tool. Add more realisem with Motion Blur using a 3rd party plug-in.

04 – Complete Roller Design 
Use video as a background for credits. Design and animate complex rolling title credits with logo inserts and speed changes.

05 – Mastering Audio Mixes 
Group clips to Submix tracks using the Mixer in order to achieve the finest mix. Add sound fx and volume changes for an optimal tuning.

06 – Using Transparent Video 
What is the purpose of the “Transparent Video Clip”? By watching this chapter, you’ll know all about it and will be able to decide when to use it in your own movie.

07 – Explore Cycore Effects 
If you have After Effects, you also have access to 18 powerful free effects. Learn how to install and use them wisely.

08 – Plug-ins Recommendation 
An overview of the best plug-ins that can be added to the software. Real world demonstration of the most useful effects, from Color Correction to Optical Stabilization.

09 – Dynamic Link Story - Part 1 
A bonus chapter that covers a real project workflow from start to finish. Use a Dynamic Link for a render-less workflow between software in the Production Premium package.

10 – Dynamic Link Story - Part 2 
Move your media between Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photopshop and Encore to create a stunning Blu-ray HD and HTML interactive content.