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Busy working…
by Eran Stern

December 6th, 2009
Category: News

PuzzleHi guys, a short post just to let you know that my plate is pretty full these days. So updates are a little slow for the English site. I’m working on a few projects, trying to juggle, or should I say wiggle, work and family at the same time. I am working on a new Hebrew training DVD, nurturing the new Hebrew Post Production Forum at the site, and also organizing a user group meeting for my Israeli talented crowd which will take place, for the first time, in Tel Aviv next week.

There’s more happening, but at this stage this is what I can reveal. Anyway, just to let you know, I’m planning to publish a new cool tutorial for Creative COW which hopefully will be ready for the holiday season and maybe another one just after that, who knows?! I guess only god.

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5 comments for “Busy working…”

  1. 5 Eran Stern

    The best way these days to edit DSLR and AVCHD is Adobe Premiere Pro. If you don’t wish to get into the Pro version, why don’t you give Premiere Elements a try – it works the same with both formats.

  2. 4 Richard Elmes

    Thanks for the reply re green screen -I will try this out. A quick question please. I have a Panasonic SD700 camera which generates 1080/50 p and AVCHD files. I want to use them in iMovie if possible but I have read HORRENDOUS reports of iLife11. Can you shed any light on how I can use the footate natively in iLife please?
    ps I also have the Aunsoft video converter which works but takes FOREVER to convert.

  3. 3 Eran Stern

    Yes, it was shot in front of a green screen, I used the built in Keylight effect to key him out and rendered the result with a PNG codec that respect Alpha Channel.
    Thanks for your comment and nice words.

  4. 2 Richard E

    Eran – love your After Effects tutorials. You combine originality of thought with fantastic and exciting production. A quick question as I new to AE CS4/5 and loving it especially mattes and masks.
    With brother Yuval’s vanishing cape of invisibilty – did you use a green screen to produce the Alpha matte footage of brother or another AE effect?
    Cheers and more power to your elbow

  5. 1 rajeev malik

    Hi Eran you r very nice person…
    Hope u will do very sweet work….

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