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Hi Everyone, Meet Alma
by Eran Stern

September 2nd, 2009
Category: News

AlmaLast night after 100 hours of painful contractions (we probably broke some record) Alma Stern was born and she’s amazing. Alma is one day old 🙂 and apart from being a daughter of Natasha and myself she’s also a sister to beautiful Michal (12) and lovely Ruth (10) already famous for their charming glow. We’re all excited and happy and also a little tired.

I saw quite a few effects in my life but there is nothing that can compete with the magic of life  – this is the most amazing effect which easily wins over everything else.
Mazal Tov!


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21 comments for “Hi Everyone, Meet Alma”

  1. 21 Sylvain

    Congratulation! a new life a new begining keep on rocking.

  2. 20 thomas

    congratulations Eran!!!
    A new beautiful star on earth!!!

  3. 19 Eran Stern

    Almost, Mazal Tov 🙂
    Thank You

  4. 18 Victor Cruz

    Mazel Tov Eran!(is that spelled correctly?)

  5. 17 Pierre

    Congratulations Natasha and Eran! Having 3 shining daughters is precious. Take good care!

  6. 16 Storm

    Congratulations guys! One TOUGH wife! One baby who didn’t want to get out of the pool 🙂

  7. 15 Aaron Feintuch

    Mazal Tov Eran, and to your wife and beautiful daughters, may you only have simcha from them

  8. 14 dreamer(rinfx)

    hehe…i call myself as rinfx because i like you so much…

    Congress to the new born child…May the God bless the Child and your family…

  9. 13 Eran Stern

    Thanks everyone for your warm words. We are so happy.

  10. 12 Anna Haas

    Congratulations! Glad to see you are bringing more women into the world! They are all beautiful indeed. But you do have a talent for those very special effects but this was your best one so far…Shalom to your entire family!

  11. 11 Yaron Keinan

    Mazal Tov, Eran. She is really cute baby. Regards from Washington and Shana Tova

  12. 10 Sebastien

    Congratulations! I see many sleepless nights in your future!

  13. 9 Todd Kopriva

    Hooray! Congratulations, Eran. I hope that Natasha is doing well after such a long labor.

  14. 8 Terri Betancourt

    Such a beautiful family … three girls! Amazing … God bless you ! Congratulations!

    Love Terri

  15. 7 Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom

    What a beautiful family, Eran. Congratulations on your new addition, Alma. Back when I grew up on the dairy — where many of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other members of my family all worked and lived (it was a very large dairy) — one of my great-aunts was named Alma. It is nice to see a new little Alma enter the world. All our best to you and if Ruth ever wants an email penpal here in California, our grandaughter, Esther, is 10 years old and you can write Kathlyn for an introduction. Our best always to you and your family.

  16. 6 Carey Dissmore

    Congratulations Eran! They are all so beautiful. What a blessing!

  17. 5 Aharon Rabinowitz

    Mazal tov, my friend. Lee’at and I are both so happy for you. Although I don’t envy the amount of sleep you’re about to lose…

  18. 4 Laurence Salerno

    For all the joy you bring to us, it is good to see that you are so blessed. Congratulations on your beautiful child. You are so right that child birth is something that is absolutely amazing to witness! May God continue to bless you and your family.

  19. 3 Julie Hill

    Beautiful, beautiful girls, Eran. Congratulations to you and your wife (especially your wife!)

  20. 2 David Gugel

    Congratulations! I have to agree with Carl, all three are beautiful! Happy days ahead.

  21. 1 Carl Larsen

    So happy for you, Eran. They’re all beautiful, miraculous, wonders.

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