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Suggest a tutorial
by Eran Stern

September 3rd, 2008
Category: News

Image by Hash MilhanFeel free to send me your tutorial suggestions on After Effects. Please provide a valid email, so I could write you back if needed.

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33 comments for “Suggest a tutorial”

  1. 33 jawdat

    it is nice work and tuto i hope u create Brand tv package like news weather economic sport and act coz i will morer research in the web no one until now do it make tuto a bout brand tv if u can it cool i hope u do it if u have time

  2. 32 Sahand

    Hi Eran.Thanks 4 your great tuts.I wanna know about time freezing in music videos…Plz help me…!

  3. 31 Robert

    Hey Eran all your tutorials are REALLY informative!! Could you please do a tutorials involving Red Giant Plane Space and Echo Space relating to photos. something that make a wedding or anniversary fun to watch. Thank you very much you are truly a talent!!!

  4. 30 Tomer

    Hi Eran,

    I would like to see a tutorial on creating a video banner combining after effect and flash.

    Thanks, Tomer

  5. 29 Cesar

    How about a tutorial about superspeed, like in the Superhero The Flash? Pretty much a tutorial on how a person moving at a superfast motion would look like..
    Thanks, I love your site! Very helpful!

  6. 28 Haggai

    Thanks so much for your tutorials which has so much helped and inspired me. Please I want to know if you can help me with a car bombing tutorial. The one I did was not so real so I desire that a professional user of After effects could help me.

  7. 27 Isaac Chukwuemeka

    I need indept tutorials on After Effects. From a biginer perspective up to intermediate or advance level. If you have a DVD that deals on this subjects, that will be great.

  8. 26 Bert O'Bryan


    I enjoy your tutorials as well as your humorous teaching style! Can you do a tutorial demonstrating the motion graphic / ink & paint bleed technique used in the recent commercials for and Infinity automobiles? These combine a human figure – or an automobile, in motion like a brush on wet watercolor paper, with a spreading bleed that follows the motion. How do they do it?

    Bert O’Bryan

  9. 25 Eran Stern

    You can use the Card Dance to achieve somewhat of a similar effect but Nick really pulled it and manage to get the same look. For this case I think Cinema is a better choice.

  10. 24 altaf

    yes sid, i have done very similar transition in only after effects. watch this you could drop me a word here if want the the source files to do it.


  11. 23 sid

    thanks altaf but nick uses cinama 4d which i hate i want if it can be done in after effects only with out the 4d passes like he has done it yeh the effect is the same what i am looking for but without the cinama stuff

  12. 22 sidolomi

    hi eran here is the link on you tube for the effect i was asking you answered back asking for the link on you tube so here it is

  13. 21 Dirk Sebregts

    Hello Mr.Stern or Eran (For the friends :))

    I am from Belgium and a great fan of yours sinds the beginning of your tuts.
    I was wondring if it would be possible to do a tutorial of someoene running trough a wall or door or something else.

    Thanks in advance,

  14. 20 Ahmad

    This link exactly shows what I was looking, anyway thanks.

  15. 19 Ahmad

    Hi Eran

    Thanks for tutorials, Iam using them for a long time.
    Is it possible to have a tutorials for Cover flow Effects?? Iam very interested in how can Layers be oriented towrads the Camera by time.
    Thanks again From Germany.

  16. 18 Altaf

    @sid – it’s already done here

    Sorry if this not what you opted for…….

  17. 17 Ramkumar

    Dear sir,I am living in India, and working in photography profession.I have started my journey of V.Fx. learning. Your tutorials are amazing.God has send You to earth only for us (students like me). We are very thankful to You. Now i would like to know the free falling body, freezing time, camera movement is should be clock motion (like a target camera). finally body fall into Ocean. could it possible sir.

  18. 16 Guy Nimni

    Hi Eran,
    It would be nice if you could show how to create a photo presentation for family events or something like that…
    Thanks for everything…

  19. 15 Eran Stern

    Try to find this intro on you tube and send me the link

  20. 14 sid

    Hi mr stern
    i was wondring if you are going to do a tutorial about a cool effect on the discovery ch i saw here in Canada its like one picture breaks in squres and flips to one side and than the next pic apeares very cool i tried it cutting the pic with masks and than rotate the pivit point did not come out so good just a sugetion for you i like to see what sloution you have for that thank you for your time if you read this i am always on your website checking new tutorials big Fan from Canada bye

  21. 13 manoj

    please upload some more project files its hard to make perfect ones

  22. 12 VUONG VU

    Im not sure if you have time to read my request, but i saw a clip on the internet very interesting. I just wonder how they did that. it must be a very interesting to everyone.

  23. 11 Bill

    Hello Eran Stern,
    I have to ask,
    if I have 4 clips playing in each corner of the screen and I sequencially position and scale them to the center of the screen, due to the layer order the expanded clips do not cover the smaller ones, since I can’t change the layer order then how can I make the expanding clips cover the other layers? hope this makes sense?

  24. 10 Nwajei Paul

    I visited ayato@web tutorial site and I found out that it is not an interactive tutorial for beginners like me to understand. So i was wondering if you can visit d site and teach me how those effects are made.

    Paul from Nigeria.

  25. 9 wsim

    dear sir
    Eran Stern

    pleas send me the project file i wil thank ful to u

  26. 8 ompet

    syaloom eran,
    i want to suggest a tutorial, i saw on dailyfilm and im interested of making this flip up animation in AE, but i wonder if its possible.
    well thx in advance
    looking forward to have this happened

  27. 7 Eran Stern

    You can use Text or Illustrator vector files to drive this plug-in.
    BTW – next time, I recommend to post tutorial related comment at the specific tutorial page, this way everyone can read and response.

  28. 6 Sylvain

    Hello Eran, about your last tutorial on 3d serpen… i don’t seem to able do use it with .Jpg or PNG images i guest it’s only for what is only generated in after fx?

  29. 5 dreamer

    Hello Sir Eran, Can we make a tuts for Rain/snow dropping and sticking/wet our body, trees etc…
    and bounce in the floor?

    There are some rain/snow presents which come along with AE. But they just fall… not even hit anything…

    I like to become an expert like you… Your tuts are really attractive and original…more than others…


    Hi Eran,
    I’m writting from Benin City, Nigeria (Africa). I visited a tutorial site and it’s not interactive just a written tutorial and it is difficult for a beginner like me to un derstand. So I’m thinking if you can visit the site to see the intresting subjects and teach us. I do enjoy your tutorial very much, You are God sent to us.
    God will richly bless you and your family.

    Paul Nwajei
    (a.k.a Paulo Guvencci)

  31. 3 Pierre

    Great help Eran. I don’t mind the sound, the visuals explain themselves. So, I’m ready to go on learning… Thnx man.

  32. 2 Eran Stern

    There’s a tutorial for it in the Hebrew section.
    I know it sounds gibberish to you, but try to see it on mute. It might come in handy.

  33. 1 Pierre

    Hi Eran, I am looking for not so much of a tutorial, but rather some user tips:
    I use PrePro and AE within the Adobe master series.
    There are several ways to go from one to the other and vice versa, but I’m always mixing up things. I know it’s basic stuff, but I think many of us, beginners, don’t know the many ways to jump to and from AE and PrePro. So Eran, if you are willing to consider some tips, I would be very grateful.
    An example: bringing a PPro timeline clip to AE for stabilzing it and then back. Or bring in AE an edited sequence of cut clips (each clip to a different level, for individual CC, and back into PPro. Anyway, thank you for your great tutorialwork 🙂 Greetz, Pierre.

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