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Review: LookAt – The collaborative cloud
by Eran Stern

April 8th, 2015
Category: digital video

Does the following scenario sound all too familiar to you?

You get a video file for review, but the file won’t play on your smartphone so you have to wait until you’re back at your desktop. When you’ve finally got it to play, you find out they haven’t adjusted the shot you specifically wanted and they didn’t add that thing at the end. So you start composing a long email. Just when you’re about to wrap up your email, you’ve got mail! It’s your client. And their feedback contradicts every good idea you’ve had for this video. No biggie, you say. It’s best to just call them up on the phone, right? So you’re on the line with your client and it turns out you’ve all been watching different versions. Ouch!

Sound familiar? Don’t despair, there’s another way.


Not long ago I came across LookAt, a new way for reviewing videos between teams.


How does it work?

Registration is very quick and free. After you’ve registered you upload your video to your own storage online. It’s just like Google Drive and the likes, only this one has video production in mind.

You can then play the video, Create private groups, add comments or even draw directly on the frame. After that, you can share your comments with any stakeholder (they don’t have to register) and see their input.


I found several advantages to working with LookAt:

  1. It’s easy to upload and play the videos

Your video is always available on the cloud just a click away.Versions are automatically updated so the most up-to-date version is always there, in your browser. If a video is shared with you via LookAt, you get an email with a unique link and you can watch it instantly.


  1. Everyone’s always in sync

You can see in real time all the notes from the director, editor, creative artist, producer or client. When you shared a video with someone, you can see in realtime if they watched the video and whether they had note. When someone wants to comment on the video, they don’t have to make it public. You can create closed groups for your own little team.


  1. All comments are linked to a timecode

You can comment on every frame in the video. LookAt automatically links your comment (or drawing) with that frame. When someone watches your comment, you can be sure that they’re looking at exactly what you intended them to.


  1. Creating instant references

As I said, you can draw directly on the picture! You can draw and doodle on a particular frame, if you want to talk about a particular element in the frame.


  1. Eliminating all versioning confusion

Every time a new version is uploaded, older versions get pushed back, so they everyone’s always looking at the newest version. Older versions can still be viewed and even compared.


LookAt offers a new way of transferring and reviewing video files and I think you should definitely try it.


How do I get started?

Go to, register and upload a video. It’s all very easy to use.

LookAt is free for the rest of 2015, the longest test period I ever encountered. past that, it’s free for 1 video (with unlimited versions), and there are price plans for more videos.


Full disclosure: LookAt is a startup of former employees of Gravity, a post house I used to work with.


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