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New Tutorial – Look Ma, No Wires
by Eran Stern

March 19th, 2010
Category: After Effects,News,training

In this new tutorial we’ll explore a clever technique for shooting flying fairies in front of a green screen without the use of a crane and wires. Of course it won’t apply to every situation but when it does, it can save you lots of $$$’s and it’s also a lot of fun as well. This shot was kindly given to me by the talented artist Eyal Be and it is part of a pilot for a new fantasy comedy show created by Eyal Be and Nimrod Ben-Moshe, Watch the full trailer.
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One comment for “New Tutorial – Look Ma, No Wires”

  1. 1 Jongpong

    Hi Buddy,
    Do not miss this tutorial, it save you from investing lot of bucks for buying crane and wires to hang and fly an actor. The technique is incredible, you can incorporate in you productions. God Bless my Guru Sir Stern !!!

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